Food for the Homeless

This is where it all began. Our very first project, before we were known as Shoulder to Shoulder, was just that, a project. It was not expected to turn into something bigger. Our goal was to raise $300 strictly through donations using GoFundMe to buy food so that we could hand it out in the streets of Dallas. With it being our first project, it was hard to gain the trust of supporters to convince them to donate. There was always the question, "Where is our money going?". Still, the good in people was shown because we were able to exceed our goal. With the money, we bought different food items that you would commonly see in a school lunch sack (sandwich, chips, oranges, water, granola bars, etc). We were able to pack 200 bags, each with a handwritten message from our volunteers. Our team packed cars with the bags and took them to downtown Dallas where we personally handed them out and conversed with the homeless in that area. Every single bag was distributed. 

Shoulder to Shoulder

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